Residents Against Dirty Energy

Residents Against Dirty Energy Bristol

Residents Against Dirty Energy are a group of people who fight the air pollution effects of dirty energy.

We formed to fight a diesel generator plant proposal on our doorstep - St Philips Marsh. We won. Since then we've focused on 'static' burning, and Battery Storage, as everyone else focuses on traffic.

We have supported other groups facing similar problems elsewhere.

We fought a Gas fuelled generator proposed for St Philip's Marsh.

We helped persuade the developer to build a battery storage facility instead.

We are funded by ourselves, so we all chipped in £300 to buy 10 Luftdaten Particle Sensors for example. With Bristol Council of Mosques, we've launched Saaf Hava (Clean Air) that will monitor air pollution at 20 sites across the Easton area of Bristol (NO2 & Particulates)

We have no political affiliations and are open to anyone who lives locally and is willing to accept we live in the here and now and need to use the best available technology.

So if you live in a van (and many in Bristol do) we accept you may have no choice but to burn scrap wood. Equally, just 'coz you like the taste, there is no reason to have a wood cooked pizza in a city, or have a wood stove just because it looks nice. Wood burning is not climate change friendly. UNEP/WMO recommended phasing out log-burning heaters in developed countries to reduce global warming as well as improve health.